Their Attention and Support as an addition to our IT Team helped us Accomplish all our IT Goals

By partnering with CloudFirst, we have been able to keep our team small and still have confidence in knowing our environment is solid and that we are making the correct changes that will keep us up to date and secure. CloudFirst has helped us accomplish our IT goal on multiple initiatives. A few examples are as follows: leveraging our licensing with Microsoft, deciding on cloud vs on-premise solutions, and developing Cybersecurity strategies. If you are looking for an IT Partner, CloudFirst is a great company to work with where you will not feel like a number and will get the attention and support you need to feel confident in moving your company forward.

Andy Rafeedie Director of IT

Reliable, Highly responsive and Knowledgeable

Thanks to the team CloudFirst, our Projects are delivered on time and within budget!

The biggest single benefit of working with CloudFirst is to know that no matter how complex our IT Project is, their IT experts possess the skills to complete and deliver on time. Their dedicated team organized training specific to our needs and solutions regarding Session Border Controllers (SBCs). The quick service, technical knowledge, problem-solving approach, and timely response stand them apart from other companies.

If you are on the fence about choosing a new Co-managed Service Provider, CloudFirst is the answer!

Dan Watkins Associate Vice Chancellor of IT

Flexibility, Dependability, Cost Benefits

Honestly, I am very pleased with CloudFirst’s flexibility. They have made it incredibly easy for us to add or remove users licences as and when we like. They have been very good about pro-rating costs which is helpful in our business model. They helped us in having a consistent, dependable email system as well a having the latest versions of the MS suite at a reasonable price. Many other companies have gone to a model where it is impossible to receive a timely response and no one wants to talk on the phone. CloudFirst on the other hand, is very quick in responding to problems when they arise. They are easy to work with. I would highly recommend them.

Brad Porter President
Porter Consulting

Peace Of Mind, Problem Solvers, Responsive

Without a doubt the best thing about working with CloudFirst is to have the peace of mind knowing that any technical issues of dealing with MS Office will be resolved quickly and professionally. They take the time to get to know our company, our needs and take personal approach to solve our issues. I would recommend them to anyone looking for IT experts who are knowledgeable and are perfectly able to resolve their issues.

Gennady Batrakov President

Exceptionally helpful, Responsive, and Attentive

CloudFirst’s strength is their excellent support and responsiveness. They have been exceptionally helpful in resolving any technical issues quickly.

I honestly feel we can trust CloudFirst’s guidance in making our way through the world of technology. CloudFirst is very attentive to my needs and helps me guide through technology. If you’re on fence about choosing CloudFirst as your IT firm, we say we have no regrets, they provide excellent value. Call them!

Craig Pampeyan CEO
Offices of Pampeyan Family

They Have My Back

The single biggest benefit of working with CloudFirst is knowing that someone has my back and if I have a problem, it won’t be long before it goes away. Better than other IT firms we have worked with in the past, we like their commitment and responsiveness to issues. Also, their staff is pleasure to work with. They are highly proficient and quick in resolving our issues. I absolutely recommend CloudFirst to anyone looking for an IT firm that will deliver top-notch customer service and highly efficient solutions.

Liron Manor President
Ovis Capital

Protection, Protection, Protection. Peace of Mind

With CloudFirst, we have peace of mind in this new accelerating digital working world knowing that our information and systems are safeguarded by professionals. What I absolutely love about CloudFirst is their ‘can-do attitude’, global coverage and excellent responsiveness. CloudFirst are more than a Managed Service Provider, they are business partners that recognize your data assets are valuable and can partner with you using proven technologies to improve and accelerate your business success.

Peter Osborne CFO