Protect Your Business Data

Take Control of your Data without being a Control Freak

Security, compliance, and privacy are built into Office 365 to help ensure that your company data is protected. Let CloudFirst and Office 365 assist you in meeting leading global compliance standards, while having complete control over your sensitive data.

Industry leading cloud security

Security that supports productivity

  • Office 365 is built from the ground up on guiding principles that are coded into the service: security, compliance, and privacy. It is verified to meet global compliance standards like:
    • ISO 27001
    • EU Model Clauses
    • HIPAA
    • FISMA
Protect your business data

The right to privacy

Beyond just a password

  • Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 requires users to acknowledge a second method of authentication after correctly entering their password. Only after this second authentication factor has been satisfied can a user sign in.
  • Any of the following may be used for the second factor of authentication:
  • Call my mobile phone. The user receives a phone call that asks them to press the pound key. Once the pound key is pressed, the user is logged in.
  • Text code to my mobile phone. The user receives a text message containing a six-digit code that they must enter into the portal.
  • Call my office phone. This is the same as Call my mobile phone, but it enables the user to select a different phone if they do not have their mobile phone with them.
  • Notify me through app. The user configured a smartphone app and they receive a notification in the app that they must confirm the login. Smartphone apps are available for Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android devices.
  • Show one-time code in app. The same smartphone app is used. Instead of receiving a notification, the user starts the app and enters the six-digit code from the app into the portal.
Protect your business data

Safeguarding your data

Identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) from Office 365 helps prevent sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, saved, edited, or copied by unauthorized people.
  • DLP Policy Tips allow admins within your organization to inform email senders that they may be about to pass along sensitive information that is detected by the company’s policies - before they click send.
  • Create custom scenarios based on your organization’s requirements.
  • Analyze DLP reports in the Office 365 admin center to drive compliance adoption among your employees.
Protect your business data

Security with transparency

Moving to a cloud service shouldnt mean losing access to knowing whats going on

  • With Office 365, Microsoft maintains multiple copies of your data, across datacenters, for redundancy and will share with you where your data is located.
  • CloudFirst knows that in the cloud, data access is one of your main concerns. This means both knowing that you will be able to access your data when you need to and setting parameters for what others in your organization have access too.
  • With CloudFirst, you have 24/7 remote support for critical issues.

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