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Cloud Roadmap 360°™

CloudFirst Cloud Roadmap 360

Cloud Roadmap 360°™ is our Comprehensive IT Assessment and Planning Service

Our Cloud Roadmap 360° service contains proven methodologies for assisting companies to build, expand or optimize their IT departments, to institute or improve on IT controls, processes and procedures, and to plan for future technologies in an effort help the entire organization to achieve their broader business objectives.

Cloud Roadmap 360

Achieve Your Business Goals

Profitability, sales growth, competition analysis, marketing strategy are all aspects that are important to Business leaders in any organization.

How can your IT investment help you achieve your business goals? Rather than allowing IT to provide a mere support function or to be viewed as a cost-center, aligning your IT strategy with your organization's business objectives can give your business the boost it needs to continue to succeed against the competition. The Cloud RoadMap 360 program can help!

Cloud RoadMap 360 provides a full circle view of your organization's IT functions, which includes the organization structure, network design, server infrastructure, and business applications. It outlines security risks and provides process improvement suggestions. Based on information gathered from key departmental executives and IT department leadership a roadmap is developed that maps out a 5 year plan for IT that is closely aligned with the business objectives of the entire organization.

In mapping out the most efficient way for your IT department to provide increased value to your organization, it should come as no surprise that we consider cloud-based solutions first.

Combat Shadow IT

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While performing our discovery and assessment it is quite common to discover additional IT services not previously documented by the IT department. The fact is whether they realize it or not, many companies face something called shadow IT, where pockets of individuals sign up for and use cloud services like (Google Apps for Business, Dropbox, even Office 365); all without the IT department knowing. Shadow IT can pose a great security risk, since the proper controls may not be in-place to protect sensite company data. Included in our Cloud RoadMap 360 assessment is a network audit to find out what cloud software is already being used. Often the results are very enlightening. Included in the final roadmap is a plan get to the cloud in a secure, organized way that matches the company's objectives.

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